The Shop Must Be Crazy

At last count, the advertising industry had nine major award events. But how many of these galas are known by folks outside the industry?
Well, according to the Clio Awards, which is owned by VNU/BPI, there is only one such event: the Clios. To tout a call for entries for the Clio Awards Year 2000, organizers wanted to capitalize on this fame and hired Dweck!, New York, to help.
“Your proctologist has heard of it,” stated Michael Dweck, agency president. “That guy who paints yellow lines down the center of the road has heard of it.” And in the global print campaign, even a remote village in Southwest Malaysia is aware of it. Dweck sent art director Donna Foster and copywriter Katie Sullivan there to get an image showing the Clio’s universality.
According to Dweck, the pair stumbled upon the gilded statuette. “It belongs to the village,” Sullivan said. “We just wanted to capture it on film,” said Foster.
All kidding aside, Dweck said the award is his: “I got it for Dial A Mattress. The Clios were supposed to give me two blanks, but we had to use our own. And it got scratched.” –Richard Linnet