Shifting Focus

Auto advertisers know, perhaps better than anyone, how hard it is to get consumers’ attention. With 34 brands constantly introducing new models, breaking through the clutter is more difficult than ever. The 30-second spot, once a staple of the new-model introduction, is no longer the star of the show. While TV campaigns are still vital to the auto industry, often those campaigns are just one part of a larger effort by automakers to grab the attention of potential buyers that are bombarded with thousands of media images every day. Integrated campaigns, where a TV ad sends the viewer to a gaming Web site; or a billboard, which sends the user to their cell phone, have become the standard. Here, Adweek creative editor Eleftheria Parpis and associate creative editor Mae Anderson take a look at some of the most recent efforts by automakers to break new ground, lure in a new demographic and have some fun.