Just call this an extreme case of brainstorming.

While working long hours on an undisclosed multistage project, a group of creatives at Princeton, N.J.-based agency Gillespie recently decided to display their solidarity in a rather unusual way.

They shaved each other’s heads.

The group, which included creative group head Al Navarro, art director John Boyle, graphic artist David Guzikowski and senior art director Billy Joe Pyle, headed outside the shop’s office in the evening and took turns cutting off each other’s locks with a pair of electric clippers. The process, which continued in various stages through the next day, “allowed us to have a little fun in a dry situation,” said Navarro.

While collective head-shaving isn’t likely to become an agency trend, Navarro added that it could conceivably evolve into “a seasonal thing” at Gillespie. And he indicated there are some terrific benefits to shaving the hair off one’s pate.

“It just gives you one less thing to worry about,” he said.