A Share of Java Sales

DALLAS-Late nights with countless cups of black coffee need no longer trouble your tummy.
Stone & Ward in Little Rock, Ark., is marketing Johann Wulff’s The Considerate Coffee brand for local client Coffee Legends. The coffee beans are processed using a patented steam-roasting method that is said to reduce irritants, allegedly allowing even those with sensitive stomachs to enjoy the brew.
The agency has developed a logo and packaging art for the client. It is now test marketing the product in a Dallas health food store.
Partner Millie Ward told Adweek the coffee account is “a little different” for Stone & Ward because the agency’s remittance is tied to the client’s sales.
“We have a shared investment in this product; the more Coffee Legend sells the more money Stone & Ward will make,” Ward said. “We’re really excited about this account. We have been drinking it at the agency and people say it’s a delicious blend.”
Acting as Coffee Legend’s marketing department, the agency plans to launch Considerate Coffee as a dot.com sales product through a Web site in January. At the same time, additional distribution channels including grocery stores, health food outlets and institutional coffee services will be tested, as well as select product label opportunities.
Stone & Ward was also involved in selecting Johann Wulff as the client’s spokesperson. The international coffee merchant is renowned for his ability to professionally evaluate any blend in the world.