Sentara Selects Primary Care Ad Practitioner

Rockett Burkhead & Winslow Adds Third Medical Client to Roster ATLANTA–Rockett Burkhead & Winslow in Raleigh, N.C., survived a review process that began with more than 30 agencies to win the $3 million advertising account of Sentara Healthcare.
The business had been with Barker, Campbell, Farley & Mansfield in Virginia Beach, Va., which participated in the review, according to client vice president for marketing and corporate communications Vicky Gray.
She declined to name the other shops that made presentations in the final round.
“I really think it was [Rockett’s] creativity and focus on branding that impressed us,” Gray said. “We also felt we had a good fit culturally with them. They have an appreciation for the values and mission of healthcare and they are very accountable for their work.”
Sentara Healthcare operates in southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina. Its medical network encompasses more than 70 facilities, including six hospitals, two outpatient units, nine nursing homes and assisted living centers and 38 primary care practices.
“We will begin our . . . process to develop a positioning that will work for their entire system,” said agency co-chairman Howard Rockett.
Sentara is the third healthcare organization to join the agency’s client roster. Two years ago, the shop landed Duke University Medical System, followed a year later by Greenville Hospital System.
“I think they were looking for someone who could understand the various components of their systems,” Rockett said. “We’ve developed an unusual combination of strategic creativity and ability to communicate with many diverse targets, along with strong insights into healthcare issues and companies.”
“We’re excited about working with Rockett Burkhead & Winslow,” Gray said. “We feel they have the expertise, vision and energy needed to help position our wide range of healthcare services.”