Name and title
Ellliot Firestone, executive creative director, Tucker Wayne/Luckie & Company, Atlanta and Birmingham
Telecoms Account
Southern Bell
Age and birthplace
48, Astoria, New York
I started at Grey/N.Y., where I learned about strong account work. I quickly moved on to Richard K. Mannoff, where I learned about strong creative work. Spent a year on Ford at J. Walter Thompson, where I learned about pain. I wound up at BBDO/N.Y., where I learned how long a person can go without sleep. That’s what I like about advertising. You never stop learning.
Claim to fame
Convincing everyone in Georgia I’m a good old boy from Valdosta, Ga.
Best career move
Failing the army physical
Worst career move
Passing up the mail-room job at Doyle Dane Bernbach to take the junior copywriter job at Grey
Favorite movie
The Hucksters. In two hours, you learn more about advertising than in a four-year college course.
Favorite ad
The sign I saw over the Triborough Bridge toll plaza every day for years: ‘Cars $2.75.’ Hell of a piece of advertising! Convinced me to move to Atlanta.
Least favorite ad
The anti-littering campaign, ‘Don’t Mess with Texas.’ I wish I had paid attention to this ad. If I had, I wouldn’t have invested in real estate there. I promise I’ll never mess with Texas again.
Dinner party conversation
Being asked: Are y’all really from Valdosta?
Reason you’re in advertising
My attention span is only 30 seconds long.
What do you like about working on a telephone company account?
It’s about communication, bringing people closer and the most advanced technology. What’s not to like? Besides, any information about the product I can’t get from the account guys, I can get from my 14-year-old daughter.
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