Seidel O’Neil Turns on the Radio for

Gone are the days of the dot-com advertising boom, when new Internet companies routinely hyped themselves with countless pricey 30-second TV spots. Web startups these days have far less money but the same healthy appetite for recognition.

For one ad agency, the new realities of leaner budgets have led to a greater reliance on old technology: the radio.

Seidel O’Neil & Partners in San Francisco most recently launched a radio campaign for, a business-to-business Internet exchange that connects businesses with independent consultants (ICs). It is the first advertising for the San Rafael, Calif., company, which hopes to carve out market share amid the growing number of Web sites aimed at job hunters.

“Everyone who got into the dot-com frenzy thought they needed to do TV, but there you blend in unless you do something remarkable,” said agency co-founder and creative director Howard Seidel. “For a company coming out of the gate we need to look at a medium that makes sense, where you can have a market.”

The ICplanet. com spots broke earlier this fall and are slated to air in Seattle, San Francisco, Boston and Washington, D.C., through the end of October. They showcase job seekers angry with the arduous process of filling out résumés online. The ads claim IC’s service is faster than other sites, ending with the tag, “The fastest way for IC’s to get to work.”

Seidel said the idea was to take a humorous look at the pitfalls of chasing jobs online. “When I hear something it needs to make my head spin,” he said. “I need to say, ‘What the heck was that?’ These really did make me laugh. It stinks trying to post your résumé online, but this literally takes only two minutes.”

“We’re thrilled with the spots,” said Larry Tsai, ICplanet’s senior director of marketing. “They do a great job of capturing our brand identity, and we think they’ll do an excellent job of putting the ICplanet name in the minds of independent consultants across the country.”

Seidel O’Neil was founded in 1995. The shop has also worked with, Lombardi Sports and Storehouse Furniture.

ICplanet. com launched in April with a database of 20,000 users.