SeeSaw Out-of-Home to Go Interactive

SAN FRANCISCO One of the largest out-of-home digital media providers, independent SeeSaw Networks, today said it would add measurable text-messaging capability to its 10,000 nationwide locations.

“The network is ubiquitous with screens, delivering 22 million impressions,” said Monte Zweben, chairman of the San Francisco-based company. “This capability makes the entire out-of-home network interactive and measurable on a cost-per-action basis.”

Zweben said that by adding a text-messaging “call to action,” the network’s displays at airports, gas stations, restaurants and health clubs would be able to better measure the impact of out-of-home advertising and customize work for coupons, promotions and localized campaigns.

“We can geo-target in any of 200 DMAs and segment by response,” said Scott Hines, vp, marketing and customer experience. Hines said that agencies could easily tweak their campaigns via an interface designed for He said SeeSaw works with clients directly but typically with media buying shops that consider the out-of-home market “too fragmented and difficult to plan and buy.”

The software supporting the text-messaging data collation and reporting uses a search engine to combine specifications from the various markets and demographics. Media buyers can determine the optimal set of out-of-home locations for various budget sizes.

Zweben, a former deputy chief of NASA’s Ames Research Centers A.I. branch, said the technology developed to support the network and reporting system came out of artificial intelligence-based scheduling algorithms that SeeSaw’s engineers had developed for optimizing space-shuttle repair.

“The specific call to action in text messaging adds the ability to convert any campaign into a direct response campaign and see the results in real time,” Zweben said. “It makes the network into a great branding and DR medium, blended together. And when interactivity takes over, there is a different kind of engagement. Now the advertiser is building a relationship with a dialog.”

Hines said the text-messaging service launches over the summer.

Recent SeeSaw clients include Universal McCann for Microsoft’s Zune launch.