SeeSaw Adds Eight Network Affils.

SeeSaw Networks, an aggregator of place-based out-of-home video advertising, announced Tuesday (Jan. 27) eight new network affiliates. The new networks add inventory across 700 new venues and 3.5 million weekly impressions to SeeSaw’s growing portfolio of digital out-of-home inventory.

The eight new networks — Digital Promo Network, InStore Vision, QuickStore24 At Work Media Network, WNC Checkout, WNC Aisles, RDS Media, BuzzHub Network and Cabco’s TV Kart Network — build on SeeSaw’s lifestyle network targeting consumers at convenience-oriented locations such as grocery stores, gas stations, coffee shops and snack vending machines.

Combined, SeeSaw’s convenience network delivers 10 million weekly impressions across more than 2,500 locations.

Since SeeSaw signed its first six networks two years ago, it has aggregated inventory from 40 networks in 26,000 venues to deliver 50 million weekly impressions.