Seeing (Red): Beyond ‘The Lazarus Effect’

Michel Kazatchkine, executive director of the Global Fund, has been battling the threat of AIDS for the last 20 years as a physician, researcher, administrator, advocate, policy maker and diplomat.

Speaking to Adweek at The Lazarus Effect documentary screening at the Museum of Modern Art earlier this month, Kazatchkine said there has been “remarkable” progress in the worldwide fight against AIDS over the last decade.

The gains, however, “remain fragile,” he said. “The lack of funds can reverse the progress.”

Later this year, the public supporters of the Global Fund will make their pledges for the near future, and Kazatchkine worries that the lingering economic crises will negatively impact financing.

Since its 2006 launch, (Red), the largest contributor to the private-public partnership from the private sector, has generated $150 million for programs in Africa, where 145,000 HIV-positive people are currently on the two-pills-a-day antiretroviral therapy showcased in (Red)’s current PSA campaign.

In this interview, Kazatchkine discusses how (Red) is helping keep awareness high.

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