Evans, Hardy & Young has unveiled the first campaign for nutritional supplement maker Green Foods Corp.
The TV, radio and print effort touts Green Foods’ rather off-beat line of products, including Green Magma, Veggie Magma and Magma Plus. The ads feature noted natural nutrition authority Dr. James Balch, co-author of Prescription for Nutritional Healing.
Green Foods’ products contain the dried juice of young barley leaves, hence the word “green” in the company’s name. “Magma” is a reference to the “powerful energy released from the earth,” according to Dennis Hardy, the Santa Barbara, Calif., agency’s executive vice president and management supervisor.
The Oxnard, Calif.-based company also makes barley-based supplements for pets such as Barley Cat and Barley Dog.
The estimated $2 million consumer campaign is airing on network cable and radio in several markets across the country.
–Angela Dawso