Seamless Celebrates the Diversity of New York City, and Its Food Scene, in Its Latest Ad

The next wave of its 'How New York Eats' campaign


New Yorkers truly have every type of cuisine available to them—and often within walking distance of their apartments. The food delivery service Seamless wanted to celebrate the city’s diverse food scene and, more importantly, its people.

The “How New York Eats” campaign from BBH New York launched primarily with out-of-home ads. Now, the latest iteration dives into TV promos to highlight an on-the-go lifestyle and residents from all different backgrounds and cultures.

In the latest ad, “Melting Pot,” New Yorkers praise their city for its endless food options in every borough. There’s the best fresh pasta in Manhattan and delicious shawarma in Brooklyn. And you can go on these culinary adventures without leaving home.

“We always try to hit on some sort of cultural conversation that’s happening in New York City, and I think there’s an important one happening right now around diversity. We look at that and how we can express that and add that New York flavor to it,” said Dave Brown, creative director at BBH in New York.

In “Melting Pot” some of that local flavor comes through at the end of the spot, when one sad city dweller (like many sad city dwellers) moans about not being able to get a table at a popular restaurant.

Seamless insists it’s not making a jab at the dine-in business, but rather praising New York restaurants for being so successful. It’s also suggesting that instead of waiting for an hour, you could just sit on the couch with a bottle of wine and Netflix and wait for the food to come to you.

Client Name: Seamless
Client Spokesperson: Barbara Martin Coppola, CMO
BBH Spokesperson: Daniel Bonder & Dave Brown, Creative Directors

Barbara Martin Coppola, Chief Marketing Officer, Grubhub
Jessica Burns, Senior Director Brand Marketing, Grubhub
Sarah Epstein, Senior Marketing Manager, Grubhub
Jamie Feldheim, Senior Creative Director, Grubhub

Daniel Bonder, Creative Director, BBH
Dave Brown, Creative Director, BBH
John Patroulis, Creative Chairman, BBH
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