Score One For Sobriety

Much of the publicity about holiday overindulgence focuses on turkey and pumpkin pie, but it also happens that end-of-the year dinners, buffets and dessert trays are often washed down with too much holiday spirits.
Now comes a poll promulgated by Anheuser-Busch that shows the majority of Americans find designated drivers sexier than the reeling revelers they drive home.
That news is part of a wide-ranging designated driver campaign from the St. Louis brewer–via Kupper Parker Communications in St. Louis–that centers on an Internet sweepstakes promotion with a 1999 Ford Explorer as the grand prize.
The campaign, which breaks this week, is using the slogan “I am the chosen one,” and also includes public service announcements from Bud Light spokesman Tim McGraw.
The poll that suggests those who stay sober to chauffeur inebriated friends are sexy also indicated that the one celebrity most would choose to have drive them home, should they become pie-eyed, is Tom Cruise. Top female choices were Helen Hunt and Katie Couric.
–Trevor Jensen