Scope “Test Your Breath”

I smell a rat. Gamely entering into the spirit of the thing, I sniffed around Scope’s highly entertaining and relevant new microsite from Dentsu, Canada. It opens with the image of elevator doors opening, with a man standing inside. “Check your breath by breathing into the microphone on your computer,” the site advises. Alternately, those without a microphone (or who have a hard time believing that the breath would manage to travel all the way to P&G headquarters in Ohio for analysis) can type in whatever they’ve eaten last. So I typed in “coffee” and waited for the answer. I guess coffee breath is not exactly rosy. On a scale of fragrant-to-offensive-to-noxious, I apparently knocked it out of the park. There’s the gas mask symbol (very clever) and a little alien guy who pops up and does some form of upchuck all over the screen; an air bag, like the kind you find falling down just as a major airliner is going to crash, descends; steam comes out of the ears of the poor man in the elevator, moreover, his head blows up and then melts. (Crush, Toronto created the animations.) So I decided to try something else. Chamomile tea? Noxious. Calla lilies? Offensive to noxious. It’s good to know that I’m not alone. At the same time, the elevator guy ends up holding up a bottle of Scope, and the site serves to remind us that even without a breathalyzer or smell-o-vision, we could all probably use a pop. Even though it’s obviously rigged in favor of the noxious, the site is a breath of fresh air in terms of selling mouthwash.–Barbara Lippert