Samsung Takes Users Out to the Ballparks

NEW YORK Samsung, in an effort to interest the male, 18-34 demographic in its new Instinct handset device, has partnered with to create a three-part series providing virtual tours of three Major League Baseball stadiums.

The “Ballpark Invasion,” as the series is known, is available exclusively on the handset, which displays video footage of Boston’s Fenway Park, Chicago’s Wrigley Field and San Francisco’s AT&T Park.

Keith Richman, CEO of parent Break Media, said the effort “provides the opportunity to integrate a core brand message, leveraging the actual product [the phone’s video capability], which we really haven’t been able to do before.” 

The phone is targeted to users who view their handsets as “infotainment” hubs and take full advantage of multimedia features such as video, photo, music and games.

The virtual ballpark tour is “a piece of branded content that we thought would actually add a lot of value to our community, and is something in lieu of what a branded sponsor might have done from a pure programming perspective,” Richman said.

The campaign will run for the next three weeks, and additional installments are a possibility.