The latest Slim Jim ad maintains that the way to a teenager’s heart is through his stomach–and the more havoc wreaked there, the better.
“No one else is going to show the nastiness of their product,” said North Castle Partners associate creative director Steve Mark. “We wanted to get back to the eating experience.”
In the spot, a boy chews the jerky snack while a drugstore clerk tells him, “That’s your seventh Slim Jim!” The brand’s Jim Carreyesque spokescharacter falls into the kid’s ironclad stomach and starts a kung fu brawl with his six look-alikes.
Back at the store, the clerk rolls her eyes: “Antacid, aisle two.” An antacid guy plops into the stomach and nervously tells the combatants to “settle down!”
The spot is the third in Stamford, Conn.-based NCP’s “Eat Me” campaign for GoodMark Foods. The shop worked on Slim Jim’s previous ads starring Randy “Macho Man” Savage.
The spot breaks Sept. 15 during wrestling shows and on The WB, MTV and Comedy Central. –Emily Fromm