Rubbermaid Aims Tool Ads at Women

With home-improvement-product sales at an all-time high and the number of female homeowners growing, Newell-Rubbermaid is targeting women in ads that introduce its rubber-gripped Tough Tools kit.

The $2 million print effort from Wray Ward Laseter, Charlotte, N.C., breaks in September and October bridal and shelter magazines. In one ad, a family room is shown with a wall of some two dozen frames, only four of which are filled. The copy is, “So convenient and tough, it makes hanging pictures possibly too easy.” The tagline: “Extraordinary tools for everyday products.”

“We wanted a message of ease that didn’t patronize,” said Jennifer Appleby, shop president and chief creative officer. “We wanted messaging that said, ‘Make it so easy, you might get carried away.’ “

“[WWL] went toward the lifestyle aspects of the brand and what the products can do for you,” said Dana Lanham, director of marketing for the Huntersville, N.C., client.

The ads will run through December. The media buy is set to include family and men’s titles next year.

WWL won the account in June based on its work for textile maker Springs Industries, Lanham said.

Sales of home-improvement products increased 6.3 percent to $197 billion last year from 2001, according to the Home Improvement Research Institute, Tampa, Fla.