RPA Breaks Its Last am/pm Ads

The long-running tagline “Too much good stuff” no doubt had a bittersweet ring to it as Rubin Postaer and Associates prepared its final commercials for am/pm mini markets.

RPA has created plenty of “good stuff” for am/pm since 1995, reeling in various awards for the campaign. But on June 1, parent company BP is moving am/pm and the Arco account to the Culver City, Calif., office of its global agency, Ogilvy & Mather.

RPA’s swan song consists of TV and radio spots that retain the “Too much good stuff” tag, launched in April 1996. Campaign spending was undisclosed. Am/pm spent more than $5 million on ads last year, per CMR.

David Smith, svp and creative director at RPA in Santa Monica, Calif., said the strategy for am/pm has remained consistent for six years. “We’re still talking to the same user [adults 18-49] in the same way that made [am/pm] such a success,” he said.

Four 10-second TV ads and a 60-second radio spot introduce am/pm’s “beer continuity effort,” promoting a special offer each month, said Kris Kaligian, ad and sales promotion manager for am/pm in Los Angeles.

Each TV spot shows a customer grabbing beer out of a cooler, revealing the face of an am/pm employee, who calls the customer such names as “Señor Brewski” and “Suds Man.” The effort launched last week with a spot promoting Corona. Ads for specials on Budweiser, Miller, Coors and Heineken will follow.

A 30-second spot that breaks this fall shows two football players who are scolded by their coach after he catches them violating curfew to grab snacks at the am/pm. Another spot, which began airing last month, has a father coaching his son to tell his mother that they ate salad and vegetables, not the cheeseburgers and nachos they got from am/pm.

Ads are running on spot TV and local cable in Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. The media buy was handled by MindShare in Los Angeles.

While RPA svp, creative director Joe Baratelli said it was “frustrating” to create the last am/pm work, he described the new ads as “some of the best spots we’ve done in the history of the account.”

Kaligian said the campaign has “helped us to be able to develop a brand and a personality, and given us a platform we can use to integrate messages across all consumer touchpoints.” She said am/pm expects to continue the same tag with Ogilvy.