Rounding up McDONALD’s Ads

Hoffman/Lewis brings back “Eddie the Echo” in its third regional TV commercial for GAAF/McDonald’s Corp., the McDonald’s franchisee in Northern California.
This time the double-talking, 1970s-style character makes only a cameo appearance in a new 30-second spot that introduces McDonald’s new Western Omelet McMuffin.
The new ad features a cowboy riding a horse to McDonald’s and ordering breakfast at the drive-through window. The narrator says, “Ever since we introduced the Western Omelet McMuffin, it’s been a little different around here.” The camera pulls back to show cars and covered wagons in the drive-through lane. Eddie is in the last car and delivers his signature phrase, “Howya doin’? Howya doin’?”
Eddie has enjoyed popularity in Northern California, where he first appeared in TV commercials this year to promote McDonald’s McDouble cheeseburger.
“We hope to do more regional work for McDonald’s and perhaps find more ways to use Eddie,” said Josh Nichol, executive vice president and general manager at Hoffman/Lewis.
-Jane Irene Kelly