Rojo Launches Feed Network

NEW YORK said it would launch an ad-supported feed network designed to increase sites’ feed subscriptions and provide advertisers a route for developing their own base of subscribers.

The FeedShare network works in many ways like AdSense. A site places a unit on its page that contains a description and link to a feed subscription of another site, or a Feed Listing. In return, the site is given its own listing elsewhere in the FeedShare network. The listings are shown based on descriptions entered by sites, then matched by keyword. Users clicking on the link are taken to a Rojo page that allows them to subscribe to feeds using an array of readers.

Rojo plans to turn this communal exchange into an ad network by including one advertising link in the FeedShare unit, along with a non-paid listing at launch., CNet Networks and Technology Review are the first advertisers paying to have their feeds included.

“As publishers and other marketers increasingly look to RSS as a key channel to connect to their customers, our Feed Listings are intended to generate more subscribers to their feeds,” said Chris Alden, Rojo’s CEO.

Rojo is initially charging on a cost-per-thousand basis for Feed Listings, which Alden believes can fetch about $5 CPMs. In the future, Rojo could add cost-per-click and cost-per-subscription pricing, he added.

While bloggers participating in FeedShare will not get a cut of the money generated from Rojo displaying the Feed Listings, they will get exposure to new audiences through their Feed Listings appearing elsewhere online, Alden said. “We’re compensating people with something we think they want more [than money], which is more readers,” he said.

Alden said Rojo would look to recruit e-commerce companies and other advertisers that are publishing feeds for products or other Web content. “I think 2006 will be the year of awareness for advertisers,” he said of the feed technologies like Really Simple Syndication.

This story was corrected to clarify the pricing structure of Feed Listings.