Robert Pattinson Has Become a Man [Video]

Selling perfume he has joined the male elite, says Mad Woman Lauren Reeves

Hello! Lauren again. … Have you ever wondered what's really going on with all those ads we've been seeing lately? I've been doing some real detective work this week, getting to the bottom of men's perfume ads and guess what? I cracked the code: Skinny Handsome Dude + Black and White + Tuxedo = Glamour. Who do you suppose they are trying to get to? Me? Because if it is me, it's totally working. What are they trying to do to me? I don't even like vampire movies. Hope you enjoy. @laurenreeves

P.S.: These are the smelly ads:

Dior Homme Uncensored
Dior Homme Behind the Scenes
Gucci Guilty
Gucci Sport