Road Rage

Stress got you down? Need some relief? Take a Chevy Cavalier, spray paint and a sledgehammer and call me in the morning.

That’s the regimen prescribed at Northlich to battle what may be the worst year in ad history. During their annual meeting, the Cincinnati shop’s 90 staffers took sledgehammers, an ax and cans of spray paint, headed to an alley next to their downtown office and made like Ken Griffey on the unsuspecting Chevy. Leading the charge was executive creative director Don Perkins, who took the first slug.

“We wanted to bid 2001 a fond and appreciative farewell,” quips evp Rick Miller, who managed to take off a passenger-side door to whoops of Midwestern appreciation.

The shop got a permit for the event from the Queen City, which probably didn’t bat an eye, considering what it’s been through this year, violence-wise. Clients, needless to say, weren’t invited. The car, a late-’80s model snatched from a junkyard, was totaled, finding itself with a bull’s eye on its hood, “2001 sucks” painted on its side and its steering wheel missing.

The recovered wheel now resides on Northlich’s creative floor.