RM&D Retains Tourism Turf Of Ocean City

WASHINGTON, D.C.–Incumbent Richardson, Myers & Donofrio of Baltimore was awarded the $1.25 million Town of Ocean City Department of Tourism and the Roland E. Powell Convention Center advertising business late last week.

The contract is for one year.

A majority of the town’s 12-member voting committee chose Richardson, Myers & Donofrio over the two other agency finalists: Trahan Burden & Charles of Baltimore and Earle Palmer Brown in Bethesda, Md.

The incumbent agency won the business with a few caveats, according to Martha Clements, the tourism board member who directed the review. ‘We needed to guarantee certain changes,’ she said, ‘in terms of servicing the account.’

Clements said she wanted to see the agency more as well. She added that she was confident the changes would happen with a new account team headed by senior vice president Beth Guthrie.

‘I’m very excited about the work, and being more visible to the members of the council,’ Guthrie told Adweek.

Sources close to the review process said the budget may increase as the town works to polish its image and launches the convention center’s grand opening ceremonies in November.

Clements said the town hoped to create television and radio commercials to attract midweek crowds during the summer. The tourism department traditionally advertises in late spring to lure vacationers to the beach in the summer. The agency will also launch the convention advertising in the fall.

The town also signed an exclusive agreement with Coca-Cola, making Coke the official soft drink of Ocean City. It is the only soft drink that can be sold at street festivals on municipal property. Clements said the ad agency will not be doing Coke promotions at this time.