The ‘Ritz of RV Resorts’ Decides

Buntin Is Named Agency for U.S. Developer
ATLANTA–The Buntin Group of Nashville, Tenn., has been declared the agency for Outdoor Resorts of America, a “developer of luxury resorts for recreational vehicles.”
Buntin will handle both advertising and public relations for the Nashville-based company, which describes itself as “the Ritz-Carlton of RV resorts.” Estimated annual billings are $3.5 million.
A review was not held. Previously, the account was at Harold West & Associates in Nashville. As that agency began a transition into a business now called West Rutledge Printing, it turned to The Buntin Group for assistance. “It just gradually evolved into our being offered the business,” said agency president Jeffrey Buntin.
The 30-year-old resort company is going through a period of expansion, developing new locations in Oregon and North Carolina to add to its 17 sites in California, Missouri, Tennessee, Virginia, South Carolina and Florida. The facilities incorporate individual landscaped lots for the RVs and residential amenities like golf courses, swimming pools, tennis courts and spas.
Outdoor Resorts of America vice president of administration Ron
Petty said Buntin’s “extremely good reputation, past consulting work for us, and overall size and scope” made it the logical choice.
“We’ve always been impressed with their personnel, and they were quick to comprehend the industry we’re in,” Petty said. “We made a decision a few years ago to accelerate the expansion of the company, and Buntin Group seemed to have the level of services that we would need.”