Riney Charges Up GM’s EV1 Car

Publicis & Hal Riney today breaks new TV and print work for General Motors’ EV1 electric vehicle, its first new work for the client since the award-winning “Appliances” launch spot in 1996.
The estimated $3-5 million campaign, running only in select California markets, was spearheaded by Riney creative director Mike Mazza.
Print ads feature pictures of and quotes from actual EV1 owners, such as film director Francis Ford Coppola and Infoseek founder Steve Kirsch. They are running in The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal and other publications.
A TV spot takes a slick and sexy approach to promoting the futuristic-looking car, which has an electrical outlet on its hood. It opens with a shot of the front of the car, as flowing blue-and-white-tinted electrical streams leap from its hood, spinning and whirling and changing shape to pulsing techno music.
As the shot moves to an overhead view, a sultry female voiceover asks, “Is this what all those science fiction writers had in mind?” She continues, “EV1. The electric car from General Motors.”
The spot wraps with the Web site address: gmev.com.
Riney’s 1996 spot for the EV1 showed various household appliances springing to life. It introduced the tag, “The electric car is here.”
Outdoor work broke last week. One execution shows an EV1 being recharged. The text reads, “Boot up. The electric car is here.”