Richards’ TV: ‘Get Better’ at Fla. Hospital

DALLAS-The Richards Group here has developed the first television advertising for Sarasota Memorial Hospital, four months after the Florida client assigned the work on a project basis.
Sarasota County’s only full-service hospital had done its advertising in-house. Billings were undisclosed.
“We found that many people had no idea they have one of the most advanced hospitals in the country right in their backyard,” said Donna Burtanger, director of communications for Sarasota Memorial.
That realization led to the creation of two 60-second TV spots that put a spin on standard hospital ads as they promote Sarasota’s specialized offerings.
One ad opens in a retirement community, where an elderly man named Al laments the absence of his opponent at the checkerboard. The tone of the commercial suggests that Bill, who “went in for open-heart surgery,” is not returning. A quick cut to a racquetball court reveals the real reason for Bill’s absence: his trip to Sarasota for heart surgery has made him active once again.
Another ad features a woman who is missing from her quilting bee. Hip replacement surgery has her tap dancing instead.
Both TV spots end with art cards that plug Sarasota Memorial as “The Most Experienced Hospital in the Region” for a given procedure. The tagline is: “Sarasota Memorial Hospital. Get Better.”
The campaign is slated to run through September and is likely to be extended after an evaluation.