Revamped Pushes Music Promotions

Miller Brewing has launched two new promotions for Miller Genuine Draft, which will be backed by ads from J. Walter Thompson, to draw traffic to its Web site.

A new version of went live on Sunday to showcase Blind Tracks, an online audio player. The site is backed by national radio spots that play part of a song and then tell listeners they must go to to hear the rest. “It’s a teaser campaign to get traffic to our Web site,” a representative of the Milwaukee brewer said.

TV spots backing Blind Tracks are possible, said dennis Ryan, the Chicago shop’s executive creative director.

MGD secured the exclusive rights to the music, most of which is alternative rock, through Up to 10 new tracks from four different music genres will be available at the site. On the Web site, an equalizer moves to the beat of each tune with flashes of MGD bottles in the background.

In addition to Blind Tracks, has information about the MGD Jet Tour, which also launched on Sunday. The tour offers promo participants the chance to attend concerts across the U.S. Jet Tour will be backed by a TV campaign from Encore Strategic Marketing in Toronto that breaks later this spring. The promo was handled by Miller’s lead promo shop, Zipatoni in St.Louis, the Miller representative said.

In addition, promotes MGD’s popular Blind Date tour, where participants don’t know what band they will be watching until the curtain goes up. JWT handles advertising for Blind Date.

“Miller’s really trying to build more stuff to tell people how cool the MGD brand is,” Ryan said. “Hip music works for that purpose.”

The promotions come at a time when Miller executives are gearing up for their distributors conference at the end of this month, where new marketing efforts are revealed and tested.

The brewer, sources said, has been working to placate wholesalers who claim Miller’s media expenditures have not been sufficient to compete with other major brewers such as Anheuser-Busch. The promos are part of that effort.