Retailoring Their Clothing Budgets

If you think Americans look less sartorially splendid these days, your eyes are not deceiving you. According to an Economist/YouGov poll fielded in late October, 64 percent of consumers were buying clothes less often last month than they normally do. A mere 2 percent said they’d been buying clothes more often than usual, with most of the rest saying their pace of buying was about the same as usual. Sixty-eight percent of the poll’s women, vs. 59 percent of the men, said they’d cut back on clothing purchases.

It would make sense for these people to go to the movies, where they and their shabby clothes could sit unseen in the dark. Sadly, though, 45 percent of respondents said movie-going is another thing they’ve done less of in the past month. Among respondents in the cinema-centric 18-29 age bracket, 51 percent said they’d been going to movies less often than usual.