Republik’s TV Spots Promote ‘Sarasota’

ATLANTA Residents and travelers are encouraged to get out more in new television spots for Sarasota magazine by The Republik.

The Durham, N.C., shop has developed three humorous 30-second spots to promote awareness of the Gulfshore Media publication. Creative director and copywriter David Smith said the goal of the corporate identity campaign is to build brand awareness while encouraging Sarasota, Fla., residents to turn off the television and go out and enjoy what the city has to offer.

“Sarasota has a huge market that includes travelers as well as new residents,” said Smith. “Sarasota magazine is an entertainment and events guide that highlights the city’s attractions from art galleries and restaurants to theatrical events.”

In “Broken,” viewers are led to believe that their television is broken as the screen scrambles and jumps. Copy states, “This is a test. Your television is not broken. In the event that your TV was broken, what would you do?” The spot ends with a shot of a magazine cover and the onscreen tagline, “Get out more. Get more out of Sarasota.”

Two other commercials, “Evacuation” and “Sign-Off,” feature faux weather warnings from “Dupler radar” and a simulated broadcast sign-off. Smith said that the special effects were produced in-house and the agency’s creative team worried that viewers might think the warnings were real.

“The idea was to show replicas of actual warnings from Doppler radar and a network sign-off,” Smith said. “It was a way to grab attention and drive home a message.”

The spots break Dec. 1 on local cable stations, the shop said. Campaign spending was not disclosed.