Reebok’s Magical Mystical Tour


Forget the grunting, helmet-butting, body-slamming monsters of the National Football League. Instead, in “Join the Migration,” we see superstar football players, clearly on their summer vacations, drop everything — e.g., a caught fish, a lawnmower — to head, in unison, back to training camp. Like exotic birds flying south, they seem instinctively to sense the siren song of the pre-season.

The spot, the latest 60-second Reebok ad from mcgarrybowen, is not only lush looking and artfully cut, but cosmically scored. The music startled me out of a doze one night mid-Colbert Report; I had to look up and see what brand was being promoted against such a haunting female soundtrack.

While the visuals are fluid and hypnotic enough to match the music, the tone implies more than just a play on gender. The idea doesn’t devolve into the usual juxtaposition of male/female ad clich