Red 7e Abstains

If there’s one thing an adman knows, it’s that putting a hypodermic needle and a young man without pants in the same commercial is a surefire way to grab the male viewer’s attention.
The needle/penis ploy is one element Red 7e, Louisville, Ky., uses in a sexual abstinence campaign aimed at teens for the Kentucky Cabinet for Health Services. In two TV spots, a guy sitting on a doctor’s table becomes increasingly nervous as he’s told he has a sexually transmitted disease. “Hold on, this may cause some discomfort,” the doctor says as he moves toward the hapless patient’s groin area.
Two other spots focus on unwanted teen pregnancy. In one, a harried waitress tries to hold on to her baby while working in a busy diner; in the other, a girl in a prom dress standing at a bathroom mirror is horrified to hear two classmates in the stalls talking about her pregnancy. “Can you believe she actually showed up?” one asks.
“Get a life first” is the tagline.
–Trevor Jensen