Recycling Advertising

Last year when there was serious flooding in Honduras, Polygraphex shipped vinyl remnants from its outdoor ad messages that became emergency relief shelters. Now the company is trying to cut the red tape to help those displaced by the fighting in Yugoslavia.
In addition to outdoor boards, the Largo, Fla., company makes banners for special events, like the National Collegiate Athletic Association basketball tourney.
“Vinyl remnants from the printing process,or billboards that have survived their usefulness, such as Final Four banners used at Tropicana Field this past month, are viable resources,” said Polygraphex president Dennis Peskin. “These remnants can be used for tents, shelters and flooring.”
The firm has tried several avenues to get the materials sent to eastern Europe, but so far relief organizations and governmental agencies have not been able to help.
“We’re making progress,” said Polygraphex international sales director Eduardo Escuza-Hubner. “We will succeed, but it’s taking a lot of diligence and desire to help.”
–Jim Osterman