The Real Windy City

Euro RSCG Tatham was sent scurrying last week after Hurricane Floyd threatened a scheduled meeting with Red Lobster in Orlando.
“We decided on Tuesday it probably wasn’t a good idea to be booking a flight into the eye of a Category 4 hurricane,” said executive creative director Jennifer LeMay.
The 600-mile-wide storm’s winds were lashing Florida early last week, forcing the shop to send spots by satellite and set up alternate plans for a creative presentation.
Any trip would have been wasted anyway, as Red Lobster’s offices were closed for a couple of days as staffers took precautions at home.
In the end, Floyd only buzzed Florida, and a video conference call salvaged the meeting.
Comfortable in her Chicago office, LeMay laughed at the latest test of Tatham’s flexibility. In the case of Red Lobster, the agency’s previous juggling had involved far less threatening circumstances, such as a crab shortage.
“Generally, we don’t worry about hurricanes,” she said.
–Jenn Goddu