Real Pizza

Who ordered a Papa John’s pizza? That will most likely be the question from one of the participants in the upcoming round of MTV’s reality show the Real World.

For Papa John’s, the question becomes a rare marketing technique to target younger consumers. The pizza delivery chain was able to secure the rights to have its pizza show up on the doorstep of the Real World home during at least one episode of the show.

The product placement will be part of the show this summer when the Real World arrives in Evanston, Ill., sources said.

Reality shows are fast becoming a media buying option for clients. Survivor The Australian Outback, for example, had player Colby sucking down bottles of Bud Light.

Papa John’s, based in Louisville, Ky., spent about $35 million on advertising last year, according to Competitive Media Reporting.

The expense of delivering the pizza to the hungry teens was undisclosed.

Papa John’s media buying is handled by Carat USA in Chicago. Fricks/Firestone, Atlanta, has creative duties for the International restaurant chain.