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Ford’s Man of Steel
By Karl Greenberg
For Rich Stoddart, “car guys are born, not made.” Will his gut feelings be enough to remake the No. 2 auto giant’s most important brand?

Fruits of Competition
With sales gone stale in the mint category, Kraft’s Altoids, Ferrero USA’s
Tic Tacs and Vitech’s Sqyntz! think that fruit flavors will breathe fresh life into the segment.

Soap Dish
Unilever’s Wisk gets a $31M facelift and a Sport SKU, while All gets a new tag and TV ads in the detergents’ attempts to soil Procter & Gamble’s Tide.

Pawn Film Industry
A Miramax executive is fired after the studio’s directive to keep any
products considered for placement in films draws ire.

No Buzz, No Glory
Amid awards at PMA Update in Dallas and grumbling about BMW’s win, talk centers around Blockbuster testing a no late-fee policy and Procter & Gamble recruiting teen buzzmeisters to tout its goods.

-Danimals kids yogurt forges multi-year pact with Six Flags amusement parks
-Hallmark Flowers plants first ad push.
-Frito-Lay goes to pieces over Star Wars: Episode II.
-Coca-Cola taps former Planet Java chief to shake up flavor initiatives.
-HP and Compaq leave behind a few hanging chads.
-The new math: ESPN+Rolling Rock = 33.