Reaching New Heights

As part of a new campaign for City National Bank, Ground Zero is using an unusual piece of hardware to deliver its message.
The Santa Monica, Calif.-based agency is using specially constructed steel ladders-some freestanding, some attached to billboards-to illustrate the campaign’s theme, “The way up.” The ladders, which are all painted blue and range from 20 to 34 feet high, are being placed in prominent locations throughout the Los Angeles area.
Obtaining permission to place some of the larger ladders on top of buildings was “quite a laborious process,” said Andrew Gledhill, Ground Zero’s head of planning. But the ladders represent an important symbol for the Beverly Hills, Calif.-based bank.
“In a multilingual city like Los Angeles, we looked for a universal symbol of what this bank’s about,” said Kirk Souder, the agency’s creative partner. “We’ve created a corporate icon that crosses cultural boundaries.”
The ladders will remain in place at least through the end of the year. Print ads also use the image.
-Angela Dawson