RCI Recounts Cruises in the First Person

ATLANTA Royal Caribbean International is launching a new television campaign this week designed to show the cruise ship vacation experience from the guests’ perspective.

The four new 30-second spots are from Havas’ Arnold in Boston. Arnold has held the account for the past six years. The ads will run on broadcast networks during prime time and some cable networks in a variety of time slots.

The “Create your own adventure” campaign continues the “Get out there” series Arnold introduced after winning the account. Each spot mimics a home video made by people taking a cruise.

The first spot, introduced Monday, shows four girlfriends on a European cruise filming their adventures on the ship and at its ports of call. The second commercial, which also is being introduced this week, follows a family on a Caribbean vacation. The remaining two ads are in production and will be introduced later in the year.

“The new ad campaign uses an innovative twist on the 30-second TV spot by marketing to current and potential customers through the guest perspective,” said Alice Norsworthy, senior vice president of marketing for the Miami-based company. “Guests relay first-person accounts of their unforgettable cruise experience onboard our ships through home movies that they personally captured during their vacation, providing a unique way for us to communicate our brand messages.”

Spending on the new campaign was not disclosed. RCI spends $75 million on advertising annually, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.