RB&W Is Local Choice of Salix Pharmaceuticals

ATLANTA Rockett, Burkhead & Winslow has added Salix Pharmaceuticals to its client roster, the agency said.

The specialty pharmaceutical company focuses on prescription drugs for gastrointestinal disorders. The shop will market and advertise Colazal, an anti-inflammatory drug used to treat ulcerative colitis.

According to RB&W, Colazal will be Salix’s first generally marketed product. The agency also will assist the firm in the continued development and advertising campaign for Rifaximin, a non-systemic antibiotic intended for gastrointestinal tract infections.

“RB&W has already proved its value to Salix through work on Rifaximin,” said Matt Wiley, Salix’s senior product manager for Colazal.

Billings are undisclosed. Both the client and agency are based in Raleigh, N.C.