The Razor’S Edginess

CD-compilations e-tailer, in its first national TV campaign, takes a humorous look at rock-music collections with an almost shocking slant.
Two in-house ads, by Razor & Tie Direct, the New York parent of online unit MusicSpace, broke last week. They show a scruffy youth dashing to buy CDs online after he sees ’80s and ’60s rock artists on TV. Ads also tout MusicSpace’s contest offering for a free weekend in New York, as well as CD giveaways.
In one ad, the youth says, “Free music is even better than drugs,” and in the other, he claims that getting free music is “livin’ la vida loca.”
The ads poke fun at Razor & Tie’s own CD compilations, such as Monster Ballads, said a representative.
Cliff Chenfeld, Razor & Tie co-president, said that some stations may not run the ad citing drugs, but the other is an alternative, and they are meant to be fun. “Every person we’ve shown the ad that’s 35 and over thinks it’s funny,” he said.
The representative said spending for the unit, which debuted online Oct. 4, is about $1 million. Ads are running through 2001 on network and cable stations, such as MTV and VH1.
–Simon Butler