RadioShack Adopts ‘The Shack’ Moniker in Ads

NEW YORK Fort Worth, Texas-based RadioShack will call itself “The Shack” under a new branding strategy that will be unveiled on Aug. 6.

The new platform, developed by creative agency Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners of Sausalito, Calif., will launch during a three-day event in New York and San Francisco, and aims to contemporize and reinterpret the brand.

“Trust is a critical attribute of any successful retailer, and the reality is that most people trust friends, not corporations,” said Lee Applbaum, chief marketing officer at RadioShack. “When a brand becomes a friend, it often gets a nickname — take FedEx or Coke, for example. Our customers, associates and even the investor community have long referred to RadioShack as ‘The Shack,’ so we decided to embrace that fact and share it with the world.”

Butler, Shine was tapped for the account this year following a review. It replaced Arnold in Boston. Annual ad spending has been about $120 million, per Nielsen.

Nielsen Business Media