Qwest Begins Wireless Disconnect

Internet service provider Qwest has begun the process of phasing out its wireless business.
The Denver-based communications upstart, which offers high-speed Internet access and digital phone services via a fiber-optic network, informed its wireless customers today that they have 60 days to switch to another service provider. Qwest will exit the wireless business completely by Oct. 31, 2009.
In the meantime, the company is offering customers the opportunity to switch their mobile phone service to Verizon Wireless. Qwest became an authorized agent for Verizon when it first announced it was getting out of the business last year.
Customers who opt for Verizon can keep their current wireless numbers and receive exclusive offers from Verizon for new phones and billing plans.
When customers make calls during the transition period in September and October, they will first be directed to a live Qwest representative who will remind them about the impending end to the service.
“Our goal is to offer service that meets the needs of our customers and to provide timely information about changes or events that impact that service,” said Neil Cox, a Qwest evp.