Quiznos Holds HR Appreciation Day

Quiznos wants employees and human resource professionals to understand each other a little better. To accomplish this, the sandwich chain is holding an HR Appreciation Day today (Friday), complete with a “$1 Sub” promotion to help both groups relax during stressful times.

To celebrate HR Appreciation Day, Quiznos is encouraging employees and HR professionals to take a break from work and join each other over sandwiches. Those who buy one of its Toasty Toasty sandwiches will get a second one for $1.

“With HR Appreciation Day and the Toasty Toasty promotion, we’re hoping to find ways to help bring some fun back into the workplace,” said Quiznos spokesperson Trey Hall, in a statement. “With so many companies and organizations being forced into layoffs or eliminating work perks, we recognize there is a lot of uncertainty in the office.”

Along with the debut of HR Appreciation Day, the company released the results of a survey, which reveals a gap between how employees and HR professionals view the current state of the workplace. According to the research, which was conducted via LinkedIn, employees are actually much more upbeat about their work and the state of their professional situation than HR professionals believe.

While 63 percent of HR professionals believe their employees feel insecure about their jobs in the current economy, only 34 percent of employees say they actually do. Additionally, while 11 percent of the human resources people say that employees feel at least somewhat appreciated, 37 percent of employees say they do feel appreciated, despite the belt-tightening and challenges the recession has brought to the workplace.

“While the Toasty Toasty campaign is not going to solve issues at the heart of the problem, it is a great way to bring both sides together and open the lines of communication, while having fun at the same time,” said Evelyn Calleja, president of the human resources consultancy The Business Within, in a statement. “Tasty food is a great equalizer and a wonderful way to get folks to sit at the same table.”