publicity hound

Finding good help can be a bitch.

Who can fault Brighton Advertising, then, for announcing that Chester, a golden retriever, is its new “director of security and reception”?

John Butcher, president of the Orange, Calf., agency, insisted the appointment is legit, and sent out a press release with an accom panying glossy photo to prove it. Chester (shown here), who also responds to the name Chestnut, typically works three or four days a week, Butcher said, and shares responsibili ties with Emma, a black lab, and Lily, a Brittany.

Thus far, the dogs have been well received. “The clients really like the idea of coming here and having the dogs around,” Butcher said, adding that so far no allergic reactions or “accidents” have threatened the dogs’ job security. They each get walked twice a day, and Brighton foots the bill for lunch—”usually tacos or a hamburger,” says Butcher.

Two other hires at Brighton, Michael Yusi as director of new media and Dana Rogers as associate media director, were also mentioned at the tail end of the release.