Products We Want Now: iPhone Lenses That Make Us All Look Like Pros

Welcome to Swipe, our roundup of must-have items curated by the Adweek staff. This week, we're putting the focus on an iPhone case that'll make your Instagrams look like professional photos, a smart umbrella that you'll never lose, Converse's new collaboration with Andy Warhol and more. Take a look!


Izzi Remix case for iPhone 6 $130

Ready to up your Instagram game beyond the usual filters and tilt-shift? The new Remix case from Izzi incorporates four interchangeable lenses—including a 170-degree fisheye, wide angle, 2x zoom and 13x macro—that let you create a variety of photographic effects. Best of all, the case is surprisingly rugged (there's also a plastic under-layer to keep your phone safe), so you don't have to worry about damaging your new accessory while snapping a precarious selfie.

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Converse x Andy Warhol Chuck Taylor Collection, $60

Converse has collaborated with plenty of artists over the years, but its latest pairing with Andy Warhol is a truly perfect fit: The pop-art legend was said to have used the brand's iconic Chuck Taylor sneakers as a canvas. The Converse collection includes men's and women's sneakers and T-shirts printed with Warhol's iconic images, and a portion of the proceeds will go to support the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

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Kisha smart umbrella $69

It's time to stop the endless cycle of forgetting your umbrella, buying a new one and then inevitably losing it. The Bluetooth-enabled Kisha umbrella connects to an app that notifies you if there's a possibility of rain in the day's forecast and will even send an alert if you leave the area without your umbrella in hand.

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Dolfi ultrasonic pebble $99

Nearly all of us have been guilty of throwing delicates in the laundry rather than taking the time to hand-wash them. But thanks to the new Dolfi pebble, which uses ultrasonic sound waves to loosen dirt and bacteria from fabrics, there's no excuse to risk damage to your favorite cashmere sweater (or lacy underthings). Just toss the dirty items in a water-filled sink, drop in the Dolfi, switch it on, and within 40 minutes your garments will be good as new. The device, which raised its $100,000 goal on IndieGogo in just 60 hours, ships in August.

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Withings Activité Pop $149

So you've finally warmed to the idea of a fitness tracker but still don't want to look like someone who would wear a fitness tracker? Consider the Withings Activité Pop, a smartwatch that looks like, well, a watch. Only you'll know that beneath its analog dial, it's busy sending data about your activity and sleep to the connected Health Mate app on your iPhone.

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Symbol Stereo Console from $3,695

If you're going to shell out for a pricey vintage turntable, why not invest in a console worthy of displaying it? This model, handcrafted from solid wood in the Hudson Valley, boasts built-in speakers and is compatible with almost any audio input.

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