Corey Kay & Partners has turned the tables on the passive process of waiting for requests for proposals to arrive in the mail.

The New York shop recently sent out about 100 copies of a ‘client questionnaire’–a request for a request for proposal if you will–to companies it considers fast-growing entrepreneurial operations that could use its help.

The questionnaire quizzes potential clients on their business ideals, much the way companies demand information from shops in the form of an rfp.

Queries include ‘Do you feel risk is to be assessed or avoided?’ and ‘Do you believe if it weren’t for people like you, everyone would still be walking everywhere?’

‘In the past, we have done our best work with innovative, aggressive companies like Virgin Atlantic Airways and the Tri-Honda 55 (a group of tri-state Honda dealerships),’ said Allen Kay, chairman (shown here).

Kay said the ‘client technique’ would be a good way to screen for companies that would be ‘right for us.’

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