the power of judy

For a batch of new spots promoting the Judge Judy TV show in syndication, Colby & Partners asked people on the street, “What would you do if you had the power of Judge Judy?” Judging from the three commercials, most viewers would mimic her bossy demeanor and recite some of her well-worn insults.

Which is just fine with Dylan Gerber, Colby’s senior creative director, who made the spots for Paramount Domestic Television. Gerber and his crew made a cardboard cutout resembling the lace-collared robes worn by Judy Sheindlin on her popular show. Pedestrians in Los Angeles and Chicago were asked to perch their head atop the faux robes and offer their best impression of the famously cranky judge.

“We had people lining up,” said Gerber. “When they saw what we were doing, we had no problem finding people who wanted to do it. I guess it gave them a sense of empowerment.”

The rapid-fire spots include average folks offering such Judy chestnuts as, “Do I have ‘stupid’ written on my forehead?”