Popeyes’ ‘Naked Chicken’ Gets More Exposure

ATLANTA The “Naked Chicken” campaign Popeyes’ aired on national television last month is continuing on a new Web site the fast-food restaurant chain launched Wednesday.

The Web site, www.popeyesnakedchicken.com, includes a video of the spot and a mock press conference responding to critics of the nudity in the ad.

The campaign, created by independent Cramer-Krasselt in Chicago, introduced the company’s new Naked Chicken Strips, named for the lack of breading on them, in January. The 30-second spot featured a man in a Popeyes restaurant ordering the strips while naked. The counter in front of him covers him from the waist down. When the clerk explains that customers do not have to be naked to order the strips, the man is embarrassed and asks for takeout.

The company received hundreds of letters and e-mails, about half criticizing the ads. Encouraged by the interest among its customers, the company decided to extend the campaign to the Web site, said Alicia Thompson, a company spokeswoman.

“We decided to have a little fun with it,” Thompson said.

The press conference features a naked actor making a statement about the company’s position on the issue. “We at Popeyes Chicken and Biscuits have received an overwhelming response from our customers regarding the apparent wardrobe malfunction in our Naked Chicken Strips advertisements,” the actor says. “Let there be no mistake that we enthusiastically believe in the importance of wearing clothes when eating chicken.”

In the first 24 hours after launching the Web site, more than 1,700 downloads of the ad and 1,300 downloads of the mock press conference were recorded, Thompson said.