Poop Scoop

The same agency that helped the Denver Zoo sell compost made from animal waste last year apparently can’t get the stuff off its mind.

Yes, local shop McClain Finlon Advertising has found a way to incor porate horse droppings into a pro-bono ad for Girl Scout cookies. To drive home the new tagline, “It’s just not the same if it’s not Girl Scout cookies,” the spot has a jockey peddling cookies door to door. One poten tial customer, though, is more concerned with a calling card left by the horse. “You gonna clean that up?” he asks as the camera focuses on the soiled lawn.

“It’s not a trend or anything,” assured McClain’s business dev elop ment director, Abby White. “With the zoo, it was unavoidable. With the Girl Scouts, we were looking for something humorous and memor able. It’s just some thing we came up with.”