Point of Origin

There’s Long Island duck. And Florida oranges.

How about Champagne champagne?

A new effort by New York-based Blue Worldwide seeks to quell the misconception that champagne is just a fancy word for spark ling wine.

“It’s a sparkling wine that comes from from Champagne, France, in the same way Monterey Jack does not come from Nevada or Alaska; it comes from Wisconsin,” said Thomas Bruce, director for the Office of Champagne, USA. (The domestic office is part of the Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne, a coalition of Champagne wine houses.)

The campaign will rotate bookmark-sized teasers featuring yellow question marks and suggesting absurd origins for American edibles. “Washington apples from Nevada?” asks one ad, dotting the question mark with an apple. The work broke last week in Vanity Fair, Saveur and The New Republic, among others.

The idea behind the ads is that Americans already use location to judge the quality of domestic foodstuffs. That logic should be applied to wines, Bruce said. And according to one ad, the Champagne region has the necessary ingredients to yield “the champagne of legend.”