Plane And Simple

CMG Communications is touting Virgin Atlantic Airways’ upcoming daily service between Toronto and London with a cheeky new campaign that pokes fun at Britain’s Queen Elizabeth and international travel.

The effort includes six print and outdoor ads, which are running in the Toronto area.

One of the copy-driven ads states, “Sometimes it’s okay to wake up next to a total stranger.”

Another urges, “Get closer to the woman who’s all over your money. Not your wife. The Queen.” (Get it? Queen Elizabeth’s portrait is on Canadian currency.) A third succinctly notes, “You never forget your first time.”

“[The ads are] suggestive of the airline’s personality,” said Don Moriarty, managing partner at CMG in New York. He added that the ads eschew descriptions of Virgin’s amenities-in favor of the tongue-in-cheek tone-because the billboards being used do not lend themselves to such detailed messages.

Print is running in Toronto newspapers and trade magazines. The effort also includes TV and radio spots, which are similar in tone.